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About Us


Years of Work Experiences

Best Reliable contractor, technical procurement and services provider

TGS has achieved an excellent position as contractor and provider of technical procurement and services thanks to:

Project management and supervision by highly qualified management and in-house technical expertise.
Sourcing of local inputs at the highest standards of quality and reliability.

TGS is heavily focused on gaining, the trust and confidence of its clients and the partners with whom it collaborates in the course of its activities

TGS has more than two decades of experience in civil engineering and infrastructure projects, Projects have been successfully completed in the followings areas:

  • - RCC and steel structures
  • - Industrial foundations.
  • - Pre-cost concert structures.
  • - Roads.
  • - Agricultural & civil and earth works.
  • - Water system.

TGS is dedicated to enhancing its position of quality and reliability as a civil ; electrical ; and mechanical contractor and provider of technical procurement and services .

TGS is proud of it reputation in achieving the highest standard in providing first class services to its clients .

RCC and steel structures
Industrial foundations
Agricultural & civil and earth works
Pre-cost concert structures
Water system

Chairman's Message

TGS is committed to the growth and retention of loyal partners while enhancing our position as the preferred choice. TGS will provide to the clients and partners the highest level of satisfaction, along with committing to a favourable return for everyone in our business relationship.

This will be achieved through financial integrity, professional employees, proactive communications, utilization of technology and our vision to be the world class professional company in Libya by providing global leading products and services to the fast growing Construction.

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