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Reference List

Reference List

TGS has a close partnership with contractions and productions companies, together they have collaborated with major international companies depend on the nature of the project involved, the relation between various contractors, manufacturers and supplies has taken various forms:

  • - Sub-contracts, mainly in civil work
  • - Supply of locally procured materials and sourcing of man-power
  • - Provision of services in customs clearance
  • - materials handling and heavy transport
  • - Logistical support and catering.

Among these companies are:

  • 1- Rohde & Schwars.
  • 2- Siemens Information and Communication Products.
  • 3- Compagnie Des Pétrole Total Libya.
  • 4- Gemmo International Italian electro-mechanic company.
  • 5- Aprave Group, France management and technical consultants.
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